3D Glass

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3D Glass

3D Glass | The Crafty Pelican - Miami, FL

Three-dimensional glass can add a lot of depth and character to art and decoration pieces that compliment rooms and personal spaces. These decorations look great and hold up well after time. Objects such as shells can be placed inside multiple layers of glass to create an effect of stasis in the piece that makes the overall work appear to be holding objects in time and space. This effect creates a time capsule like feel that can complement both the objects inside and the rest of the space.

The Crafty Pelican works with 3D glass and can help you get the best piece for your room or personal space. I have worked with a variety of clients to get them the perfect piece and can help you get exactly what you are looking for with 3D glass. Shells are a common choice for 3D glass projects because they appear to be frozen in place within the glass. This effect mimics the appearance of shells underwater, almost like a snapshot of underwater life.

Whatever you have in mind for a 3D glass project, The Crafty Pelican can make it a reality. I can quickly work with you to find out exactly what you have in mind and put my skills to the test to bring that idea into the real world. Your dream can soon be hanging on your wall or decorating your space out in the open. I bring excellent techniques to the table to make your vision a reality in no time. You can trust me to give you exactly what you are thinking of.

Because of my reliable and expansive level of skill and expertise, The Crafty Pelican will make sure that you get the best 3D glass work in Miami, FL for a price you can easily afford. I specialize in 3D glass work and have a wide variety of pieces available. I can also work with you to get you the best piece for your room or personal space.

I look forward to helping you turn your idea into a beautiful decoration for your home or work space. My decorations can be placed in any setting and will make your space look amazing. Call me today.